Crestline Enterprises was started in 1976 as a sole-proprietor business and, over the years, it has served as the marketing vehicle for a number of diverse endeavors.

In the early years, the business was primarily used to support plant-nursery and landscaping ventures. In the middle years, these were completely supplanted by computer and related management activites - including large-scale software development consulting, genealogy web-software design and sales, genealogy publishing, woodworking jig-software, etc. Recently, these have been expanded to include web-support for general estate and moving sales.

Over this period, a legal presence has been maintained and all appropriate taxes and license fees paid. The major software shareware product presently being offered is webGED Progenitor 4, an extension of the earlier webGED Progenitor 2 product first publicly offered in 1996.

As the owner of Crestline Enterprises, I bring a varied set of skills and experiences to the effort. Among my several "official" jobs, I have been an Assistant Commissioner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office, an Associate Director of the United States Government Accountability Office, the Technical Director of the Air Force's FEDSIM facility, a program manager for TRW Systems Inc., and a Vice-President of a subsidiary of Gulton Industries.

Along the way, I had a series of special assignments as a member of President Carter's Reorganization Project, as a consultant to the President Clinton's Millennium Copyright Commission, and as the Program Manager for all the advanced technology programs of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations, including the NEXRAD radar project.

There are several of my sites that may be of interest: