The Bissett Family of Nova Scotia

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This is the third edition of "The Bissett Family of Nova Scotia". It represents a major revision of the genealogical study of one of the families that first arrived in Nova Scotia in 1752 among the "Foreign Protestant" immigrants. It is likely to be the last edition published by Thomas Giammo.

The first edition was published in 1998. Its contents were posted by the author in various forms on the world-wide-web and included both in the Mormons' Family History web site and in their CDRom products. As a result, many new contacts were made with Bissett researchers and much new data was acquired. In addition, work was continued on revising and verifying much of the unsourced data of the first edition. Consequently, the second edition was considerably extended in scope and improved in quality - an incremental step toward the goal of a definitive Bissett family genealogy.

This third edition has continued the process, primarily capitalizing on the wealth of new source data available via the internet from the Nova Scotia Archives and Record Management Agency, census lists, etc. Many details on individuals and their descendants have been obtained through these means. There are now approximately 2900 individuals in the book, down to the great-great-great-great-grandchildren of Jean George Bizet. The names extracted from the index to the book will give you some idea of its coverage.

When compared to the second edition, published in 2002, this third edition has added about 450 new individuals. Even more importantly, copious details in the lives of the existing individuals have been added. The size of the book has grown to 554 pages, as compared to the 361 pages of the second edition, in spite of a slight reduction in the font size. Its trim-size remains at 8½ x 11 inches. It is perfect bound.

You can sample some of the content:

You may order the book from CreateSpace. Its price is $18.50, plus shipping.

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