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Bissett Ancestors

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This site contains information on Caral Ann (Sampson) Giammo's Bissett ancestors and some of their close relatives.

These Bissett ancestors arrived in Nova Scotia in the early 1750s as part of the "Foreign Protestants", recruited by the British to help settle that province with those who would be loyal to the Crown. The family emigrated from Montbeliard, which is in present-day France near the junction of the German and Swiss borders. Prior to that, the family could trace its roots to the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. It was Caral's 5th great-grandparents who first immigrated from Nova Scotia to the United States, with her branch ultimately settling in the Boston area.

The picture to the left is Caral's grandaunt Anneis Wilhemina Bissett, more commonly known as "Almina", who married Richard Clayton in 1904 in Newton, Massachusetts..

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