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Samson Ancestors

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This site contains genealogical data on Caral (Sampson) Giammo's Samson ancestors and their close relatives.

A Samson ancestor of Caral, Gabriel Samson, first arrived in North American in the 1640s and settled in Quebec. His descendants then moved to Nova Scotia and finally to their Cape Breton area. Her great-great-grandfather, Jean Samson, was one of the original grantees to found River Bourgeois in Richmond County, Nova Scotia.

Caral's great-grandfather, Placide Samson, immigrated to the United States and settled in the Boston area. The picture on the left is that of Caral's father, Ernest Delmore Sampson.

Since the focus of this site is on Caral's Samson ancestry, it should be noted that the lines of her more distant relatives may not be complete. Furthermore, the ancestry beyond her 8th great-grandfather, Toussaint Samson, is controversial and somewhat speculative.