From the Files of Tom Giammo

Tom Giammo has assiduously been doing genealogy research since his retirement in 1993 and has accumulated a vast store of data on various families. His primary areas of interest have been the extended families related to both his wife and himself. In each of these instances, his ideal goal has been to find the most distant ancestor in each family and then all of the descendents of this ancestor.

In practice, however, he has generally restricted his efforts to finding the most distant ancestor of with specific family surname and then limiting his research to those descendants with relatively close connections to individuals with that surname. Thus, it is rare that he will have collected data on individuals related to anyone with the primary surname though more than one or perhaps two female marriages.

Data for these families have been entered into the genealogy database program, "The Master Genealogist"™, and gedcom data files extracted by means of this program. The websites were then produced from the gedcom files by the genealogy site-building program "Progenitor 4". Individuals born before 1930 or so were filtered out due to privacy concerns.

As with most genealogy research efforts, all these sites remain "works in progress" as new and corrected data becomes available.

Specific Family Sites

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