webGED Progenitor 4 - Productione Version Download

A fully-functional complementary copy of the Progenitor 4 software package may be downloaded free of charge. This software is offered without any guarantee as to its usability. No registration, however, is required and this fully-functional complementary version should be able to be run indefinitely - or at least as long as supported by the Microsoft Windows operating system or its successors. The web-sites generated by this complementary copy will continue to function beyond that date as long as they are compatible with the then current browsers. NOTE: This represents a change from previously restricted "grace-period" versions which required registration. Users whose installed version is identified simply as version 4.0.x on the program's "About" screen, however, should download and install the newer unrestricted version.

Crestline Enterprises will not guarentee to provide maintenance support for Progenitor 4. Any problems reported, however, may be investigated and may result in a program revision. A listing of the releases and their associated changes made to date can be viewed here.

Installation Instructions



Although not mandatory, users of the Progenitor 4 software are encouraged to report on their experiences in using the software. In addition, the location of the URL of any website generated using this software would also be appreciated. Correspondence in this regard may be directed to Crestline Enterprises.

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