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Sample Site

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This sample Progenitor 4 website is based on some of the non-Acadian ancestors of Caral Giammo who immigrated to Nova Scotia in the period before 1750 or so.

The initial wave of such immigrants were among the "Foreign Protestants". These were settlers who were recruited by the British government and offered inducements in terms of land to come to Nova Scotia in 1752 and 1753. They were the original founders of the town of Lunenburg. They were expected to strengthen the British hold on the province in the face of increasing French hostility and the dubious loyality of the indigenous French Catholic inhabitants. The Bissett and Conrad/Conrod families were among these settlers.

Another ancestral line is provided by the descendants of Tobias Müller, a Hessian soldier who came to Nova Scotia after the British surrender in 1783. After landing at New York as part of Howe's invasion, Tobias had been sent to join Cornwallis' Southern Campaign.

The family of Jean Baptiste Pertus is a most interesting one. Jean ran off with the wife, Jeanne Dorau, of another man from Senegal in Africa in about 1835. They first tried to settle in Charlestown, South Carolina, but soon moved to Richmond County in Nova Scotia. The gentleman pictured to the left is Jean Baptiste Pertus.

NOTE: the genealogical data in this example may not be up-to-date.

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